Research: UE4 and Blueprints

I’ve realised that it is necessary for me to move onto UE4 instead of Unity to develop my project while in my final year. This doesn’t feel ideal since I have become used to Unity and feel fairly comfortable using it. However, I believe that it is more beneficial than not, allowing me to learn new software and adapt. It broadens my skillset to be able to say I have experience with prototyping in both Unity and UE4. It encourages me to learn new techniques and step out of my comfort zone to continue pushing my learning further.

With this, I have begun seeking out learning resources for UE4.

The above tutorial series is a good place for me to start to get to grips with the UE4 interface and creating something from scratch using Blueprints. It’s also relevant to my planned design, as it’s focusing on 3rd person gameplay.

Above is a snippet from a video I found on youtube showcasing someone’s flying game project. Unfortunately they give no information or guidance on re-creating this type of movement, but it’s very useful just to use as reference. This style of character and camera movement is perfect for what I intend to create, so this is a useful starting point for my own development. Although its a plane flying through the air, the movement very closely resembles how I would like my player to swim underwater.


Flight tutorials will likely prove as useful resources for learning how to develop this type of character and camera controller.


More useful reference for flying style mechanics [Source]


The above is a snippet from a pack of lowpoly resources that can be purchased and used in UE4. I saved this because the small section above is very representative for what I have in mind for a level design of my own. The colours, atmosphere, lighting and the way the camera navigates the space are all good reference to describe what it is I would like to work towards creating. I could also use this pack myself, put it into UE4 and break it down to get an idea of how I can go about creating my own similar assets. I can also use resources like this as placeholders while I’m in the process of designing the level but haven’t actually created the assets yet.

Reference material and starting places for low poly landscapes in UE4 [Source]

Some more useful UE4 resources [Source]

A useful article comparing UE4 and Unity 5, which is helpful as I make the transition to Unreal from Unity [Source]

The Subreddit for UE has some useful resources as well as a good place to ask questions later on [Source]

A good collection of UE4 resources, tutorials, documentation and guidance [Source]

A small example of a low poly water shader [Source]

Some interesting reading that may benefit me later down the line [Source]

Further explanation on using flat-shading for stylised low poly [Source]


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