Task 1: Insect


The first secondary task we have been given is to create something from the prompt “Insect”. I decided to go down the route of a Mysid, which is an order of small, shrimp-like crustaceans (which I feel is a close enough link to insects). I chose these creatures as they could be linked to my main Studio work, Weedy the Sea Dragon, as I have always planned Weedy would gain energy/powerups by eating small Shrimp-like creatures (as Sea Dragons naturally would eat similar creatures in nature). I gathered some reference material and did some rough sketches to start thinking about the shape and form of the creature and how I could recreate this in a different style.Untitled-4

I started by illustrating a Mysid in 2D and adding some quick and basic animation. This style follows the original 2D aesthetic of Weedy the Sea Dragon.I particularly like the colours used and feel like the design—although basic—does make a fairly unique character.


I then wanted to take the design a little further as I felt the previous illustration wasn’t really substantial enough to be considered as fully answering the task. I made a voxel version of the sprite.

I then made some quick renders in Blender to show the design. I don’t think that my response to this task is particularly strong compared to my other work, but it could work well as concept art for some potential future additions to my main Studio project. It also helped me get back into the 3D workflow and re-familiarise myself with creating Voxels, using Blender and rendering out designs — so overall I am still pleased with the result. If I were to re-visit this task, I could improve this design by adding some more unique characteristics (right now it’s based almost entirely from nature, without my own original input) or by recreating it in a stylised ‘Low Poly’ look rather than sticking just with the Voxels.

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