Youtube Series: Revui

Revui is another Youtube series offering analysis and critique of various games and their UI & UX.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 14.17.26

A critique of Titanfall, showing the author’s suggested improvements

The videos are very informative and I will use them in the same way that I have been watching UXP. The overall design and editing of the videos is very effective and clear, as well as aesthetically strong. As shown in the screenshot above, the speaker gives his critique and then offers a concise, logical improvement on the issues he finds. I think this is particularly important and reminds me of a quote from Donald Norman:

“I make it a rule never to criticize something unless I can offer a solution.”

—Donald Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

What is particularly useful for me is how the content of the videos leads to many new paths for me to find more research material.

A Revui Roundup Video

The channel features some ‘Roundup’ videos that discuss current happenings in Design within Video Games. Although the videos are fairly old now, and the channel doesn’t seem to be active, it’s still a useful archive of information that seems perfectly current despite it’s age. While working on my report, any information looking at design within video games is valuable.

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