Finalised Logo Design


I created the above Branding Document to showcase my finalised design and briefly summarise the concept behind it.

  • The logo in colour, using only a minimal amount to draw attention to the Icosahedron, while also making the 'D' more distinguishable.
  • The logo in monochrome white on black
  • The logo in monochrome black on white

Since my last update, I refined the logo very slightly after taking in some feedback from others. I liked the look of the Icosahedron placed behind the ‘D’, but was concerned this might cause it to be misread as an ‘O’. I slightly tweaked the shape to be less rounded and decided to use Magenta (the colour of Weedy’s eggs) for the shape itself – creating further distinction. As well as this, I added some glitched details to the shape which integrates it into the design and theme better and also improves the overall aesthetic.

I’m pleased with how the design has turned out but so far, by just creating the logo itself, I have still only scratched the surface of the overall brand. Further down the line, in order to create a coherent identity and brand (rather than just a logo) I will need to consider and focus on:

  • How the logo will work as an App Store icon (possibly just isolate the ‘D’ and use that within a square)
  • How the identity will work across a broader range of marketing (download page, website, game cover art, etc)
  • Define a Style Guide with more detailed specifications (colour palette, typeface usage, etc)

For now, considering this project is focusing on Pre-Production, I am satisfied with the progress of the design and have actually overshot my target (earlier, I had only planned to submit some initial sketches for the logo, not a finalised design).

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