Studio Work Update + Planning

I have had to restructure and rethink my Studio Work (Creative Practice) due to my work placement next year. I am no longer following my original project plan, and therefore my deliverables for January will be much less substantial. I am still following the same idea (3D Sea Dragon Prototype) but will only aim to complete about 10% of what I originally had in mind, as the other 90% will be completed as part of my work placement.

I created a Progress Report in the form of a few slides to update lecturers and peers (as well as clarify things for myself) on where I am at currently and what my plans are now.

View the slides as a PDF: Progress Report BA3a

I am now mostly devoting time to my Research Report, but alongside this I am still researching and planning towards my newly decided Jan 4th Deliverables. For my January submission, I am aiming towards:

  • Character Controller (the beginning of, may still be experimental and unfinished)
  • Collectible Script, working with the character controller
  • Sketches and Initial Ideas for Branding (possibly some early logo type/mark designs)

To accompany these, I will also have:

  • Research + Reflective Journal (this blog)
    • Research and tutorials into UE4, Blueprints, 3D Prototyping, etc
    • Research and inspiration into Branding and Identity for Games (as well as more general findings)
  • Individual ‘Mini’ Tasks
  • Completed Art Test
  • Any applicable Sprung Studios prep work
    • e.g. Research into prototyping apps, journal entry on 1-week trial (December)

All of the above will contribute to my graded submission.

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