Task 3: Frogger Clone Progress


The sprite artwork has been updated to reflect a different theme

I have made some progress with my Task 3, the Frogger Clone. I am now working towards creating something more original, starting by creating new artwork. I made some quick space-themed sprites, aiming for an arcade shooter feel. I replaced the Trucks and Cars with Asteroids and Meteors. The logs became light-beam platforms. This dramatically changed the theme but the gameplay still fits. I would like to work further into the artwork, but first I will turn my focus to improving the functionality. My next steps will be to add some kind of Score System and Win/Lose/Restart Screens.

Later down the line, I would like to improve the artwork further by adding some simple animations to the projectiles, platforms and possibly the background too. This will bring the scene to life a bit more and add more visual interest to the player. It would also be interesting to experiment with some visual feedback in the sprite when the player loses, such as the ship falling or exploding – right now it simply disappears instantly and is quite anti-climactic.

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