Blueprints and UE4 Learning

I attended an extra session today in order to begin learning Blueprints and UE4 first-hand. We covered:

  • Basics, Interface etc
  • Blueprints for:
    • Character Controller and Movement
    • Firing Projectiles
    • Ammo pick-up
    • First person and Third Person
    • Jump pads

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I now feel much more confident about approaching my prototype. The Learning Agreement I’ve been working on now seems much more achievable and I can more accurately think about what is and isn’t going to be possible, as well as more reliably set schedules and goals for myself. My next step will be to plan a weekly schedule, setting myself mini deadlines or goals for what I could like to be completed each week. I will also continue experimenting with UE4 in my own time as well as attending any extra sessions I can.

The basics of Blueprints today will allow me to now begin experimenting with ideas more closely relating to my personal ideas. I can use the Ammo pick-up to work into my own Item collection script, for example. I can also try using the built in Flying game pre-fab, observing how its built and then try to edit it myself now that I have more of an understanding of how things function. 

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