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Final Prototype Update

Overview of Movement Scripts

An overview of the core movement scripts, also showing a fix I made for an issue with the camera not returning to the right position after a movement is made (added an extra level of Rinterp). I was able to create the overall movement for my prototype with the help of George and users on the UE4 Forums.

Movement Values

Highlighting the effects of certain values used to adjust the feel of the movement. I am continually tweaking these and other values to find the perfect balance.

Variable Cleanup

As I progress with my learning, I am becoming better at understanding how to refine and organise my scripts. Here I made a quick improvement by using only one instance of a variable rather than the six I first started with.This creates less bloated scripts overall, but also makes editing slightly easier.

Making tunnels

I made use of some methods I learnt in my first UE4 session with George to create some very quick level assets for testing purposes. I used ‘Add’ and ‘Subtract’ shapes to quickly hollow out a square and use it as a tunnel.

Damping value

This value is an important one within my movement mechanics, as the damping effect it results in helps recreate the momentum experienced underwater. When the character stops accelerating, they should continue floating forwards and gradually decrease, not come to an immediate stop. I found that this value in UE4 is what can be used to adjust that.

Move with Mouse Control

It was very simple to add the ability to change direction entirely by aiming the mouse. I simply added the Mouse Y axis into the Input settings, with an initial value of 2.0. I later moved this down to 1.0 for slightly more control when moving.


I also added a basic collectible object. The character can collect the sphere, and it will disappear upon overlap. The game will then print a string with the total count of collected objects. Eventually these will be Weedy’s eggs.

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Above shows a quick clip of my up-to-date prototype in action. The movement is now much closer to how I envisioned it, I simply need to carry out playtesting while continuing to iterate (during the next project), and I can perfect it and possibly even look to develop the full concept. This easily meets the goals I set myself for this project submission, so I am pleased with the progress I have made up to this point.

There is only one issue left in the prototype, which unfortunately I don’t believe I can fix for submission, but I will continue trying and can at least fix it inbetween now and April. When using the mouse, the camera often ‘judders’ which can be really frustrating, and reduces the fluidity of the movement. I believe this could be to do with the various mouse-based interactions conflicting with each other, but it will take more research and most likely some guidance to fix it. Other than this, the prototype is in a good state to submit.